Brain in the News is a monthly print publication that features neuroscience content from around the world and regular columnists Philip M. Boffey, on neuroethics, and scientific adviser Guy McKhann, M.D. Their columns appear below.

Minding the Brain Machines

Philip M. Boffey
July 1, 2019
Advances in linking brain signals to computers are developing so rapidly that analyses of their ethical implications are straining to keep up. Our monthly Neuroethics column.

The Frontlines of the Opioids Crisis

Philip M. Boffey
June 2019
The nation’s opioids epidemic is not just a medical crisis, it is an ethical problem as well, reports an expert committee appointed by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

Reforming Price Gouging for Drugs

Philip M. Boffey
May 2019
US Lawmakers and experts are exploring many possibilities for restraining drug prices. No one is sure how well any of these proposals would work in practice, but it is imperative for financial and ethical reasons to bring the escalating costs to a more reasonable level.

The Alzheimer's Puzzle

Philip M. Boffey
April 2019
Interest in exploring the possible role of germs in causing Alzheimer’s disease has been surging in recent years. However, at this point, it is unclear whether microbes play a major or minor role, if any, in causing Alzheimer’s—and what ethical issues the microbe theory might raise. Neuroethics column for Brain in the News.

CRISPR Considerations

Philip M. Boffey
March 2019
Without a strong global consensus on standards to govern gene-editing, another rogue scientist may be tempted to go astray. Neuroethics column for Brain in the News.

What Bilingual Has Meant to Me

Guy McKhann, M.D.
March 2019
Does being bilingual help preserve cognition? Our columnist, in his 80s now, thinks so, and is a believer in the adage, "Use it or lose it." A column for Brain in the News.

Proof in Advertising

Philip M. Boffey
February 2019
The outcome of a lawsuit against the makers of Prevagen could have profound consequences for the ability of authorities to regulate advertising on supplements. Neuroethics column for Brain in the News.

Assisted Suicide Gains Momentum

Philip M. Boffey
January 2019
The Oregon law, the template for many other states, takes a restrained and responsible approach.Neuroethics column for Brain in the News.

The Opioids Crisis: A Balancing Act

Philip M. Boffey
December 2018
How can we reduce the easy availability of opioids that is fueling the epidemic without depriving pain-wracked people of the opioid pain-killers they desperately need? Neuroethics column for Brain in the News.

The Contact Sports Dilemma

Philip M. Boffey
November 2018
What should be done in the absence of better knowledge of how to predict the risks to an individual player? New Neuroethics column for Brain in the News.

New Neurons in the Brain

Guy McKhann, MD
May 2018
The decades-long debate about the brain’s ability to form new neurons is once again being challenged by new research from Columbia University.

A New Therapeutic Approach to MS

Guy McKhann, MD
April 2018
Multiple sclerosis remains a mysterious disease. We don’t know what causes it, and our current treatments are helpful, but not curative.

A Cuba Happening

Guy McKhann, MD
March 2018
A very strange thing happened to American diplomats in Cuba in late 2016 and early 2017. The Penn group recently published their initial findings based on evaluations of 21 people affected.

Don't Give Up on Modifying Alzheimer's Disease

Guy McKhann, MD
February 2018
Evaluating potential candidates treatment and monitoring their progression are major challenges in the fight against Alzeimer's disease. Right now, what’s needed is an approach that modifies the disease in any form. To my way of thinking, that means much smaller studies, including non-clinical end-points.

A New Era for Genetics

Guy McKhann, MD
January 2018
A recent breakthrough in Huntington’s disease research calls attention to a new approach on modifying genetic diseases.

A Potential Solution to the Alzheimer’s Problem

Guy McKhann, MD
December 2017
Evaluating potential candidates for treatment and monitoring their progression are major challenges in the fight against Alzeimer's disease.

What's in a Name?

Guy McKhann, MD
September 2017
How can tossing a football or running stairs help you study for a test?

Migraines Go Green

Guy McKhann, MD
August 2017
Researchers have made progress treating migraines using different colored lights.

A New Memory Aid

Guy McKhann, MD
May 2017
Researchers may have uncovered a new benefit to brain stimulation: enhancing memory.

An Open Letter to Congress

Guy McKhann, MD
April 2017
Now is not the time to cut funding for medical research.

Brain Awareness Week

Guy McKhann, MD
March 2017
Brain Awareness Week has a proud history and a bright future.

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