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The Dana Foundation's Communications department provides a free resource for journalists developing stories on topics related to the brain. To inquire about a brain expert, please email with your question and your media affiliation, and we will respond as quickly as possible. We work with a network of more than 350 North American experts in the major fields of neuroscience, all of whom are Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives members committed to public outreach. 

 Featured News and Articles

We've launched a new podcast series, "Communicating Brain Science," where we speak with people who have an interest in communicating neuroscience or brain-related topics. Our first two podcasts feature jazz legend Pat Metheny, fresh off his talk at the 2018 Society for Neuroscience conference, and Philip M. Boffey, former New York Times Editorial Page deputy editor and Pulitzer Prize winner. Listen now!
•  Dana Foundation grantee Michelle Bradbury uses nanotechnology to test possible treatments for cancer that target the disease and avoid healthy tissues. Learn more about her work in our new interview, "Going Small to Attack Cancers."
CRISPR, an innovative new gene editing system, offers great promise to the field of neuroscience—both as a research tool and, potentially, a treatment. Learn more in our new briefing paper, "CRISPR and the Brain."
Dana Foundation grantee Liane Young studies theory of mind, trying to distinguish what in the brain might be off in people with autism who have trouble with social cues. Learn more about her work in our interview, "Developing a Theory of Mind."
What happens to the brain of a child who is abused, neglected, or otherwise maltreated? Experts weigh in on this and other questions in our briefing paper, "The Abused BrainNeural Adaptation, Resilience, and Compensation in Childhood Maltreatment."